Save the Lompoc Theatre!

The historic Lompoc Theatre has stood empty for too long. Join us, make history, and bring this local treasure back to life as a venue for arts and entertainment, for culture and education, for the community and its visitors.

About the Lompoc Theatre Project

The Lompoc Theater Project is a registered non-profit for the community effort to restore the historic Lompoc Theater, to reopen as a performing arts and film center, educational and community hub, and focal point of a revitalized downtown Lompoc.

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Our Vision

  • Enhance Old Town Lompoc as a cultural center, generating economic benefits for the community.
  • Act as a multi-use venue for performers and patrons in the community.
  • Foster an environment that entertains, educates, and inspires.
  • Encourage the development and collaboration of community arts and educational organizations.
  • Serve persons of all ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds to explore their creative and artistic possibilities.
  • Preserve our heritage and honor our history.

About the Lompoc Theatre:

Built in 1927, the historic Lompoc Theater is legendary for its place in stage, music, and movie history. With its full stage and screen capabilities, orchestra pit, and amazing acoustics, the Lompoc Theatre is a versatile multi-use venue. From vaudeville to ballet, from symphonies to rock concerts, from vintage Hollywood classics to cutting-edge independent film, the Lompoc Theater has hosted it all.

Imagine your favorite movie there. Imagine your favorite musician, your kids’ school play, your nonprofit’s benefit event. It’s happened before. Help make it happen again.

Downtown Revitalization & Economic Development:

All across America, downtown areas in cities large and small are coming back to life, anchored by their historic theaters. Let’s make it happen here.

Our theater has street-level retail, upstairs offices, and a beautiful 450+ seat auditorium to sustain itself. It has nearby restaurants, cafes, bars, and parks, and it has location, location, location on world-famous California Highway 1.

A vibrant, self-sustaining theater draws people in to the downtown area to live, work, and play. Let’s bring a little light back to downtown, and watch what happens!

The Lompoc Theatre Project is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductable. You can donate securely online using the button above, or make checks payable to "Lompoc Theatre Project".

Please join us at the Lompoc City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 6!

The meeting begins at 7 pm, and we expect to present at 8 pm.

We will be discussing our proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the city of Lompoc.  

When approved, this document sets in motion the transfer of title to the Lompoc Theatre Project Corporation! 

Contact Us

Lompoc Theatre Project
740 North H St #238
Lompoc, CA 93436

(805) 380-6777

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